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Why Chandni


Aivan and his team at Chandni Events is a very special and unique team to deal with. For a start, I have never met a supplier that is more worried about our wedding than us. He wanted our wedding to have a higher standard of quality than the standard we placed on him. We placed a couple of custom requirements on him such as a Rickshaw, which is a common street tricycle in India, and he decided to bring it in from India. Beyond covid, we also faced delays from Suez Canal blockage. So he had a backup in place to drive it up from Sydney and failing that his backup was a luxury horse carriage from Brisbane. There was never a moment that he allowed us to worry about anything or chase him on updates. He just turned up with a smile. Every time we asked him for something, the answer was always “yes, and we could also…”. In terms of the decoration we only met him twice and discussed our requirements and the output on the day was beyond what words can describe. The colour choice was an extension to our colour theme which really made the whole Mandap (altar) look like we were part of it all as one unit – symbolising our union and love even more so. The emotion it evoked could have only been experienced by those there at that time. Aivan made it really impossible to take a bad or even an average quality photo – regardless if they were taken by our professional photographer or by my seven year old nephew. He made it look outstanding and our guests were blown away sending us awe-inspired comments from across the globe. There were many many small touches that didn’t go unnoticed – using our invitation card template in the rest of our stationary, ensuring our bridal party matches the colour scheme, having a vision of the whole design and concept that I must say we weren’t fully convinced of at the time of discussion but truly would have it no other way when we saw it on the day come to life. He also didn’t just see his job as a decorator – he had ideas and inputs in various aspects of the wedding that we hadn’t thought about and really appreciated it. He really saw the wedding as what it was – a whole sequence of events, experiences and celebrations and had a vision for the whole of it, not just how things may have looked in isolation. This is what truly stood out about them. He picked up our personalities as a couple; energetic, fun, loving, emotional, bright and he brought it all together on the day with a design that truly depicted all that and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Team Chandni really made our day magical. Thank you! - Tushar & Ajita -

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Aivan, is amazingly talented at what he does and always ensures to put 110% into every project he receives. Even though he has a hectic schedule of wedding events throughout the year, he will thrive to pull off creating such a glamour and luxurious atmosphere. For my wedding in particular, Aivan had gone above and beyond with the floral decor and I was completely speechless when I saw the end result. From the very beginning of our decor consultation, I knew that I could put all my trust into Aivan because only he could create complete perfection. Hence, as a bride, I didn’t need to worry as much which felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. From decorating the engagement to the reception party for Rav & I, every event felt like we were living in a dream. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Chandni Events to future brides, as they really listen to every want and need of every couple and recreate that vision into complete perfection. Prtha + Rav - May 2021

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